Theodor Tauschlag GmbH
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Vehicle Fleet

With our modern fleet, comprising of over 70 of our own vehicles, we are not only on the road in Germany but across the breadth of Europe every day.

Our fleet of vehicles predominantly complies with the Euro 6 emission standard and Mostly equipped with assistance systems such as the turn-off assistant in a timely manner. The telematics systems installed in every vehicle enable us to keep our customers up to date with the latest transport status of their consignment at all times.

Tractor units that meet the current safety and environmental standards are standard with us. Our vehicles are equipped with compressors and hydraulic pumps so that the tanker can be unloaded at the customer's site without the need of outside help. Our fleet includes MAN and Mercedes vehicles.

Key figures

Tractor units:  over 70, Number increasing

These include weight-optimised tractors to ensure maximum capacity utilisation. 

Tank truck: over 60 

Including single- and multi-chamber trailers, semi-trailers for hot products, rubberized trailers, V2A and V4A trailers, special stainless steel trailers, bitumen and oleum trailers.

Special equipment: 

Volumen: 22500 ltr - 37500 ltr

Containerchassis: >35

Including 20-30 foot chassis and flush rear chassis

Our expertly maintained vehicle fleet guarantees a safe, reliable and environmentally friendly flow of your transports.